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Our Firm Reviews

Ed helped me with my first adoption and everything went so smoothly he handled everything and told me what I needed to do to get this done. We had less than 30 days to have everything together filed and ready. He really stepped up and we had it all done a week before the baby’s due date. I wouldn’t have even known where to start without him. This was his first adoption as well but you wouldn’t have known unless he told you!

Henry Paine went above and beyond the call of duty to represent me in a Motion to Revoke Probation case in Denton County and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. He was responsive, negotiated a very positive outcome for me, and even came in on his day off to finalize things for me. I felt he was actually representing ME; meaning he knew who I was, was concerned about getting me the best outcome, and followed through in my best interest unlike some attorneys where you are just a name or number on their case log.

I would recommend Henry Paine to anyone that has a criminal case in Denton County; and I have worked with several other attorneys in the past and Mr. Paine is heads above anyone else I’ve come across.

Being new to the U.S., Will Probate was new to me. With Edward’s knowledge and experience, we were able to probate my in law’s wills, one which was from several years ago. Edward kept us informed on all the steps toward Probate. Edward’s professionalism and tenacity to overcome obstacles speaks highly of his character.

Hank knows the courts in Denton County. His experience was extremely beneficial to me and my son. It is obvious that he has carefully developed positive relationships with the district attorney, judges and court personnel. He is friendly and took time to console and help with some personal advice. I was relieved after visiting with Hank on the phone and hearing his input. There were no surprises. Everything went as Hank said it would. I recommend him highly.