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Property and Debt Division Attorneys

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Property and Debt Division in Texas

One of the major issues at stake during a divorce is the question of the division of property, debts, and assets. The general standard for this division in the state of Texas is to use an equitable distribution. This means that any assets, properties, or debts acquired through the course of the marriage will become community property to be divided between the two parties in a equitable and fair way.

However, some circumstances exist where a property or debt belongs exclusively to one party or the other. For example, all property, holdings, and assets that parties owned before the marriage is not considered community and thus is separate property. In the event of a divorce, separate property is not subject to division. There are exceptions to this as well, such as circumstances where what was originally a separate property, through one means or another, loses its “separate character” and is considered by the court to be community property.

How Property and Debt Division Cases Are Decided

A spouse who claims a piece of property as separate will be responsible for proving their right to this claim in court. The court in such cases will work from a presumption that all holdings are community unless evidence is presented that indicates otherwise.

Debts are also considered part of the property division agreement during divorce proceedings. These are typically split down the middle if they are from during the marriage. A careful ledger of all debts and payment will be crucial to ensuring a fair and accurate division. Because of the sensitivity and complexity of the division process, you should prepare ahead of time with an experienced and aggressive family law attorney in your area to ensure your interests are protected.

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