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Child Custody Attorneys in Denton Texas

If you are facing a Child Custody battle in North Texas, you need an experienced, aggressive, and compassionate team on your side like The Nolter Law Firm.

The Nolter Law Firm has many years of experience helping individuals and families in Denton, McKinney, Gainesville and Decatur, Texas with criminal defense and family law issues including Child Custody. To learn more or discuss your Child Custody case with a lawyer on our team, call us today at 940-800-8025 or fill out our online form below.

What Is Custody in Texas

In the state of Texas, “custody” is known as “conservatorship.” Conservatorship deals with the rights and duties of each of the parents with regard to the child. The Texas Family Code creates a presumption that both parents should be “joint managing conservators” of a child unless the appointment would endanger the physical health or emotional development of a child. These rights include, but are not limited to, decisions related to medical treatment and education.

“Possession and access” deals with a parent’s legally superior period of time with the child. There are a wide variety of possession and access schedules available to most parents.

It is the law of the state of Texas that no consideration should be given to either parent based upon their gender alone. However, human beings are biased and it is in your best interest to seek representation from an experienced and aggressive custody attorney before negotiating custody. You never know when a situation might turn volatile, and your future with your child is too much to risk by coming unprepared to mediation.

How Custody Is Determined

In Texas, custody cases are normally the result of divorce proceedings. In most cases a Divorce Petition or Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) is filed. If you are thinking about beginning divorce or custody proceedings, fill out the form below or give our team a call today at 940-800-8025.The court proceedings are similar in many respects to a normal lawsuit in civil court. The obvious exception is that the intent of the filing is to become your child’s custodial parent.

When the court makes its decision, it will do so in consideration of what it deems to be the “best interests” of the child. While the criteria for this is not particularly well defined in the law, some significant court cases have helped identify some factors that courts tend to find pertinent when making their decision:

  • The physical and emotional needs of the child both at the current time and in the future
  • The physical and emotional danger the child is in now and in the future
  • The child’s desires
  • The abilities of each parent relative to the responsibilities of the custodial guardian as well as their plans for their child
  • The stability of the homes both parents offer

This list is by no means exhaustive. Several other factors, including some that may be unique to your situation, will also factor into the court’s decision. This is why having an experienced family law attorney is so vital.

The Nolter Law Firm understands the delicate nature of custody cases and has the legal expertise and litigation experience to see you through. Our commitment to you is to pursue the best course of action on your behalf, whether that be mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We have worked hard to earn a reputation as aggressive trial attorneys in order to better serve our clients. Rest assured, in the event your situation turns hostile, we will offer advocacy in family court on your behalf. Call 940-800-8025 now or fill out the form below to get started.