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Representing Denton Residents Against Domestic Violence Charges

Do you need an Assault or Domestic Violence Attorney in Denton? Authorities in the state of Texas do not take domestic violence accusations lightly – even if the person accused is a minor, or the situation is a “he-said, she-said” scenario. Despite circumstances like these, authorities in the state of Texas will often still prosecute. This is true even if an accuser does not wish to press charges. For this reason, anyone who may face the threat of domestic violence charges in Denton or the surrounding area needs to seek legal representation immediately.

And the repercussions, both short- and long-term, can be steep. Home evictions, restraining orders, jail time and prohibitions against owning firearms again are among the list of consequences. You could even lose custody of your kids because of a family violence charge or conviction.

Getting a defense lawyer who has the knowledge to handle the matter is extremely important.

Former Prosecutors To Help With Your Family Violence Defense

At The Nolter Law Firm., we have many years of legal experience helping Denton individuals facing family violence and other criminal defense charges. Many clients we have defended have received outright dismissals, not guilty verdicts and reductions in charges.

Defense Against All Aspects Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is understood as violence that takes place between people who have a domestic relationship. This can include all kinds of relationships including married, dating, and divorced couples, parents, siblings, and other family members. This means that charges of domestic violence often dissolve the domestic situation by making it legally impossible for the accused to return to the same home as their accuser. To be clear, in the state of Texas, domestic abuse covers more than spousal abuse.

Our office represent individuals facing many types of domestic assault charges between spouses, parents, children and even individuals who are not legally married. We can help defend against accusations of:

  • Physical violence
  • Threats, harassment or other verbal abuse
  • False imprisonment
  • Stalking
  • Sexual Assault

One key thing to keep in mind with domestic violence is the restraining order. This is often issued when domestic violence charges are made. This order is intended to protect the alleged victim and it can prevent those it is issued against from being able to return home if the alleged victim also lives there. What’s more, it can affect a child-custody case. Keep in mind that even if your accuser says it’s okay for you to break the restraining order, you can still have additional charges filed against you and endure longer jail time.


The penalties that you may face for such charges will ultimately depend on the severity of the incident and the circumstances around it (e.g. past charges of assault or violence). In any incident where a “deadly weapon” is involved, the penalties are significantly more severe, even if it’s a first time offense. In the state of Texas, you can serve up to 99 years in jail and be fined $10,000 for a first-time domestic violence charge if a weapon is involved.

What’s more, Texas state law has been modified to allow prosecutors to seek felony convictions in domestic assault cases without “deadly weapons,” even if it’s a first offense. This makes it more important than ever for anyone accused of domestic assault to seek out a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in domestic assault and is familiar with the law and current legal practices with domestic trial cases in Texas.

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